Monday, October 26, 2020

Boldly rushing in where angels fear to tread...

Belladonna was unhappy with me after I agreed with one of her friends that she has an "apple shaped figure".

Its all good now...

I just had to explain myself.


  1. "does this dress make my butt look big?" Never make a statement to such questions.

    1. "No, dear. The toilet paper does that.

      Go to any country that does not use toilet paper and you will see lots of skinny people. It has to be the toilet paper."

  2. LOL, ah yes, the fallacy of the young thinking they know 'everything'...

  3. "Apple-shaped"- hell YES. "Pear-shaped- Not for me.

  4. Your other hobby (juggling waterballoons filled with homemade nitroglycerine while pogosticking through the Korean DMZ with rattlesnakes as suspenders and shouting "I have information leading to the arrests of Barack, Billary and Joe") was getting boring, I take it?

  5. I smell quick thinking.
    Well done.

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