Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Fine Art Tuesday


The Market Plaza, San Antonio, 1879

Thomas Allen born 1849 in St Louis, Missouri. Died 1924 Worcester, Massachusetts.

Traveled "out-west" and Texas in 1878. Texas inspired many of his paintings.

I like this painting because it captures everyday life in a city. It reminds me of the "Farmer's Market" of my youth. Farmer's Markets were the eBay and etsy of pre-internet America.


Meat is not meat until it is in the Pan

Charles Marion Russel born 1864 and moved to Montana at the age of 16. Died in 1926. Unlike Remington, the other great painter of western scenes, Russel lived out-west.

He was revered in his adopted home-state of Montana. One line in his obituary read "He never swung a mean loop in his life, never done dirt to man or animal, in all the days he lived."

I like the humor of this scene. It makes me think of squirrels that fell and were caught in the fork of a tree. "Now what?"


  1. I appreciate your "Fine Art Tuesday" Good of you to pick up where Ole Remus left off. I miss that guy.--ken

  2. Charlie Russell is a god to many "cowboys", his paintings and sculptures are something special. Ian Tyson has a good song about Charlie Russell, Well worth listening to.


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