Thursday, October 15, 2020

ERJ gets a fishing buddy


Once upon a time I was a fairly serious fisherman. I specialized in fishing the Grand River. My favorite stretch was between Grand Ledge and Portland, Michigan.

Our go-to lure was the common, soft-plastic, grub-bodied, spinnerbait. The Johnson Beetle-spin was an example of this type of lure.

This kind of lure had many advantages for that kind of fishing. They cast easily. They are resistant to hanging up since it only has a single hook and the hook is shrouded by the "safety pin" wire. They don't twist the line the way a common spinner will. They catch fish, always a bonus for a fishing lure. And they were inexpensive.

Then life happened. Work. Romance. Kids.

My kids were not particularly interested in fishing, at least with me.

Image my surprise when I stubbed my toe on a 12 year-old, young man who REALLY likes going fishing. And his parents are in the middle of life: romance, work, kids, Covid.

The young man's parents are more than willing to let me take the young man fishing.

I see it as God giving me the gift of a trial run at grandparenting.

My problem is that I need a source of inexpensive lures. I went on-line and the type of lure shown above costs $6 apiece.

I know I have at least two readers who are avid fishermen. Can any of my readers advise me? Purchasing components and assembling them is an option.

UPDATE: Found spinnerbaits at Walmart for 88 cents each. I still want to pursue having The Kid make his own.


  1. Was always a good source in my younger days, and my grandfather used them as well. Was just called Netcraft back then. Good luck out there.

  2. Please post pictures of your catches. Interesting to see the difference in fish place to place. Lucky kid, to go with grandpa.


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