Monday, October 12, 2020

A moment of kindness


In the interest of full-disclosure, I must confess to favoring Trump over his main rival, Biden.

Unlike some who favor Trump, my view towards those who favor Biden has softened.

God blessed me with a very modest need for human affirmation. VERY modest. I don't see that as a bug. It is a feature. You can tell me your opinion and I will politely nod as if I cared. My mama raised me to be that way. 

But, frankly, most of the time I would be happier petting one of my dogs rather than "sharing" conversation with a human. To slightly mis-quote James Baldwin, "Many people assume they are 'thinking' when they are merely rearranging their biases the way a fussy housekeeper rearranges her furniture."

I digress.

It is clear that there are others who need far more affirmation than I do. The empirical evidence suggests that, at least in Michigan, many of those people intend to vote for Biden.

But rather than judge, I made a conscious decision to help them meet their needs.

I started putting up signs "Honk three times if you are for Biden" in those yards.

It is amazing how gratifying it is to do something kind for your neighbors. Especially when they live on the busy road a half-mile away.


  1. A minor detour from topic but I'm one of those people that when faced with a project(or the possibility of one)likes to learn by scaling said project down. Rather than buying a boatload of expensive solar equipment I would buy closeout solar pathway lights. I've learned seasonally when they work best with what placement and ideally which neighbors trees would have to go. Since that could be problematic at best at least I have a "garden" of AA battery chargers for my rechargeable. The same applies to my attempt at what could very charitably be called a container garden. Sage, rosemary, thyme,and carrots didn't even germinate. Holy basil did but after well over 100 days is 1/4 inch tall. The colored(not racist)sweet bell pepper plant stayed at 1/2 inch for 75ish days but is now about 7 inches tall(not bad for 120 days huh?)All this is a round about way of bringing up an odd concern. Canned carrots have not been in the stores I visit in roughly 3 months. Every year I make the snack that used to be called nuts and bolts(to avoid the brand name)but the wheat component(in its generic form missing for at least a year) seems to be in short supply. While not THAT far from where I live(you're referred to that team up north)I was wondering if these shortages are there also. In fact I'd be happy to learn of shortages of these or other food products around the country.

    1. An on-going threat about shortages and jacked up prices here:

      Fair warning, the list of replies is up to 147 pages.

      Your approach to "piloting" projects to minimize the expense of getting experience is awesome.


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  2. "Honk three times if you are for Biden". BIG LOL !

  3. Your kindness knows no bounds, sir. Great idea.


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