Sunday, October 11, 2020

Recovery day


It is with heavy heart that I must share the news that Belladonna discovered the joys of "Dipping".

No, not snuff.


And guess who was her dipper-of-choice last night? Yup, me.

The twirling isn't so challenging. The deep dips, however, is something I should work up to.

I didn't know hazelnuts had fall color.

I think this is an American X European hybrid. The straight Europeans stay green or get just the slightest bit of yellow before the leaves fall off.

The rye has been a bust so far but the turnips had a good take. One reason to plan a cover crop over the winter is so your nutrients don't leach downward out of the root zone.

According to various calculators, I was "Obese" at 5'-9" and over 200 lbs. Now I am only "Overweight". I remember feeling pretty good when I weighed 170 pounds.

Dioscorea villosa, aka, Wild Yam is a niche player in permaculture. It is fully hardy in my part of Michigan and is considered by many to be a "medicinal" plant.

It is easiest to find when the leaves fall. The seeds hang in large clusters and are triangular or shaped like buckwheat.

The notable thing about the leaves is that the main veins are parallel and not branching.

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