Monday, October 1, 2018

Stub 6.0: Decisions, decisions, decisions

Hunter and Indie sat at the kitchen table staring at the pre-paid card. It presented them with a dilemma.

It represented a windfall of a size they had never had to deal with.

They could cash it out and put it in the bank but it would be immediately reported and they would lose $5000 of “benefits” for every $3000 they put in the bank.

They could spend it on luxury items that would quickly depreciate.

They could spend it on durable items that they might, or might not, need in the future. Those items would be vulnerable to theft, rust, rot and depreciation.

Or they could invest the money in a business that would continue to spin cash into the foreseeable future.

Having been whip-sawed by the vicissitudes of fortune, they had a strong predisposition toward investing the money into a business or businesses. The question was; what kind of business?

“We could invest in a daycare.” Indie announced. “This house is plenty big enough.”

“Yeah, but it is a wreck.” Hunter said.

“More of a mess than a wreck. We just never had the time, or energy or a reason to whip it into shape.” Indie said. “Look at how we got your lab cleaned out and that only took eight hours.”

Hunter looked around. “Yeah, but that was a little room. It would take us months to just burn the junk we would need to clear out. I just don’t have the energy to go after it.” Hunter said.

“Look, you dope, that is what we would use the money for. We hire the grunt work out...hire somebody to pick up the trash and dump it or burn it or whatever...” Indie said.

“Well, I could call Uncle Bernie. He collects ‘salvage’ to stretch out his disability check. I suppose I could call him.” Hunter said.

“Why don’t you do that.” Indie said. “At least we could get a feeling for how fast we could get this place cleared out.”

A few minutes later Hunter was shaking his head. “Bernie’s truck died. Needs a new transmission and he doesn’t have the $1000 he needs to buy a used one.” Hunter said.

Indie’s eyebrow cocked in an implied question. “Do you trust your Uncle Bernie?” she asked.

“Well, yeah. He is a straight shooter.” Hunter said.

“Then buy him the damned transmission and he can work it off. That is investing in a business, too. It ain't like Bernie is getting any younger.” Indie said. “Maybe we should be investing in the trash hauling business in parallel with the daycare. Something for you and something for me.”

Note to readers: Living hand-to-mouth on these installments. Expect some air bubbles.

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