Monday, October 15, 2018

Observations about LGBT people as a distinct species

This article discusses the history of how man-on-man sex morphed into a different species of human.

In the article, the author talks about how historically M-o-M sex used to be considered a transient peccadillo like picking one's nose or having extramarital sex with a super-hottie who was throwing herself at you. It was not the total sum of one's self until 150 years ago.

Compressing much of the author's arguments:
  • People who demand that we view them first as LGBTNO-MenO-P rather than ordinary humans are damaged and should be pitied. They are fighting to be viewed as cardboard cutouts rather than as richly varied humans.
  • The payoff for them as "a unique species" is that they are not bound by the same rule-sets that govern the behaviors of the rest of us. Consider a three-year-old throwing a tantrum in the checkout lane at Walmart: Is it in the best interest of that developing child to cave-in to their demands? Of course not. The child wants the candy in-the-moment but caving-in will ultimately stunt their growth.

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