Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Hat-tip Chuckieboy

I frequently get some really great tips in the comments section.

This post is based on a tip from Chuckieboy on this post.

Not a rebar but a plastic rod chosen for its ability to look good in photos.

I was bemoaning the fact that the groundrods I purchased did not grip the rebar I used for a ground rod. Chuckieboy advised me to flip the half with the threaded holes around.

The package claims it is good for ground rods as skinny as 1/2".

Measurements taken in the exclusive ERJ labs indicates that the clamps will close and secure cylinders as small as 5.56mm or 0.224"


  1. Those 2 piece clamps are garbage. One piece clamps are the only ones legal for electrical work for a good reason. Forty years in the trade.

    1. Hello Mr Mallison:

      Thanks for reading and thanks for taking the time to comment.

      Can you recommend a series of clamps for ground rods that you have had good luck with? Perhaps a link to a product on Amazon or other, on-line retailer that will have images.

      Best regards, and thanks for sharing your expertise.

  2. The clamps Fred is talking about are commonly called "acorn clamps" due to their physical shape. They are brass and are UL "approved for direct burial". This UL listing is what makes them legal for electrical work, primarily dealing with connecting a copper wire to a ground rod. I believe they make a brass version of the 2-piece clamp that is also UL listed for direct burial. The 2-piece zinc ones you have are perfectly legal for electrical work where you are grounding to a copper or galvanized plumbing pipe inside the building. It would be a cute trick to use a 1-piece clamp on an unbroken copper pipe run where you can't slip it over an end. Google "acorn ground clamp" and see what they look like.


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