Monday, October 29, 2018

Cletus and Zeke in Ionia, Michigan

Cletus and Zeke finished the gig in Northern Michigan and it was time to beat their way south toward warmer weather.

Zeke wanted to stop in Ionia, Michigan because his sister was a junior in high school there and was on the Powder Puff football team.

For those unfamiliar with high school traditions, Powder Puff football is a very short football season at the end of the boy's season. It is only two games long. The Freshmen girls play the Sophomore girl's team and the Junior girls play the Senior girls.

It is about tradition and unique uniforms and getting noticed by boys and talking trash about the other team. It is also about giving the seniors one more opportunity in the limelight. The seniors ALWAYS win.

Cletus and Zeke got there just before the Junior/Senior kickoff. Cindy waved so she clearly knew they were there.

Cindy was not Zeke's full sister but Zeke's family did not make the distinction between "sister", "half-sister", "sister by virtue of being the child of mom's new guy". Sister was a binary concept. You either were or you were not.

Cindy played the full game. Zeke wondered if she had been hurt. She missed a couple of plays and came back with her left forearm heavily wrapped.

Cindy threw shot-put on the track team and she was a leftie. Her left arm was her money arm.

As a shot-putter, she was a little bit too slow for the "skill" positions. Powder Puff is flag football so speed is even more important than strength than it is for tackle football.

But the hitting on the line was real. That is, it was real if you wanted to win and it was more than tradition and uniforms, boys and talking trash.

Cindy was on the left side of the line. She was whaling on the player across from her on every play. On defense, she leaped into the air and flailed her arms every time the QB passed on the chance that she might deflect the ball.

On offense she opened up big holes as she engaged and broomed her opponent toward the sidelines.

The seniors were getting pissed at her. This was supposed to be a party, not a bruise fest.

After the game Cindy came over and gave Zeke and Cletus knuckles. Zeke smiled and said, "That was some first class blue-collar football."

Cindy smiled back. "Eight hours work for eight hours pay."

Cletus said, "You will get them next year."

Cindy laughed back. "I am sure we will." She knew the game was rigged but she still played her heart out. That is just how she rolled.


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