Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Stub 7.6: A ray of light

“I was sitting here eating my balogna sandwich thinking when it occurred to me. We have solar panels installed on almost all of the future islands in the complex. I gotta believe they are wired in. Alls we need to do is inspect them and flip the breakers to have them feed into the project buss.” Al said.

Raymond’s nose twitched. “Al, what do you think about working some overtime?”

Al smiled. “I like overtime. Whatchya got in mind?”

“I want you to scare up another Master, walk over to the other ‘islands’ and inspect the solar installation. If it is up to snuff, certify it and then call back on the radio. I will be with Rathcliffe and I will let him decide whether he wants them to come on line as you approve them or all at once.” Raymond said. "I will pay you for working your lunch-break and afternoon break."

Al stuffed the rest of his sandwich in his mouth and mumbled, “I am on my way.” spewing crumbs over the floor.

Raymond did not see them because he was already walking away, looking for Radcliffe.

Ten minutes later, Raymond got another bump from MacDowell. “Hey boss. Cena and I are at Island-4. The solar panel installation was already inspected and certified by second shift. You told us to not second guess their work. Do you want it on.

Radcliffe nodded “Yes.”

Raymond said, “Turn it on.”

The next four islands were in a similar condition and they were connected to the local grid.

The fifth island had not been certified due to a lack of suitable parts but the sixth, seventh and eighth islands were good-to-go and put on-line.

Raymond told Al and Cena to come back after they had activated the eighth island.

Everybody was all smiles. You could FEEL the cold air gushing from the vents.

Radcliffe announced, “We just blew through -5 ambient and it is still dropping.”

Then a few minutes later, “Minus-six.”

Then, “Minus-seven.”

Then fifteen minutes later, “Minus-eight.”

The system settled down and stabilized at minus eight-point-seven degrees for the islands running butane and iso-butane, and that was with all rooms, all blowers maxed out.

The island running propane topped out at minus three-point-seven degrees.

It was a very, very good day.

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