Saturday, October 20, 2018

Halloween, the movie. A review.

National Review Movie review:
In the new film (not a reboot but a sequel that occurs 40 years after the events in the 1978 original and ignores all intervening Halloween movies), the woman, a mom named Karen, is forever grumbling about her Parris Island–style upbringing. Her mother is Laurie Strode, played once again by Jamie Lee Curtis. Laurie has excellent reason to suspect the presence of dark and evil in the world, and she taught her daughter from a young age about firearms, the fallen nature of man, the failures of the state, the blessings of rugged individualism...
(Social Justice Warriors)...explain why it’s really all of us who should be in prison while the misunderstood killers waltz free.

Laurie, interviewed by the (SJWs says) There is no lesson to be learned. There is no understanding Michael Myers. He’s just evil. It’s a bracingly no-nonsense — i.e., conservative — view of humanity.
Awaiting the inevitable escape of Michael, Laurie has become a full-on prepper, with a panic room and an arsenal...

Laurie’s daughter comes to rethink her previous contention that Mom is paranoid.

The climactic scenes (repudiates the Hollywood cliche) that to be female is to be under threat. If so, Green’s movie replies, women should fight back. With shotguns.

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