Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Made in Honduras

Children's educational toy offered by Amazon. Undoubtedly made from Honduran Iron Wood.

If money is tight you can still send a signal to Amazon by doing a product search on "Made in Honduras" (quotation marks mandatory) and then sorting by prices, high-to-low. Sort of like this.

Clay pots offered by Walmart.

Product search at Walmart for "Made in Honduras"

I applaud both of these retailers for their clarity regarding country-of-origin. One way to support the people of Honduras AND the sanctity of our borders is to vote with your wallet to increase jobs in Honduras.

These products were selected based on the hope that more of the purchase price would flow to Honduras and not end up enriching the holder of the intellectual property. Said another way, Honduras makes a lot of printed Tee shirts but the premium over the cost of a basic Tee shirt goes to the brand-name or the artist who created the art, not the 17 year old sewing it.

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