Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Stub 7.2: Pulling together a team

Everything was at a standstill.

Raymond grabbed Dirty Dan and caught a cab to the administration building. He contacted Dilip while en route and suggested that Aaron Ducat, the lawyer, be made available for an emergency planning meeting.

Raymond quickly sketched out his own, short term issues with a lack of air conditioning and then the longer term issues of entertaining paying guests in Sedelia in non-air conditioned facilities.

"And we can't turn a wheel until we get the air conditioning turned on. We cannot turn on the A/C without refrigerant and Cali has us cock-blocked on getting the one, officially approved refrigerant." Raymond said.

"Dan Kelvin" Raymond said, pointing at Dirty Dan, "suggested a plan and I think it is a great starting point but I need help to make it happen."

Raymond then relayed the plan that Dirty Dan had constructed on the way over to the administration building.

Aaron started the ball rolling by observing, "There are no Sedelia laws saying you can't use other types of refrigerants. As a matter of common courtesy you need to inform the people in the building you are using an 'experimental' material and give them the option of moving to a different work area."

"Can you give me an information sheet and some kind of form they can sign showing they were informed and agreed to stay in their current building. It is hot everywhere and I can't imagine any of them will want to leave if there is a chance the A/C might come on." Raymond said.

"No problem." Aaron said.

Dilip said "I can line up some Engineering profs to oversee the experiment but I think you are going to run into some snags. You will see what I mean when you meet the profs."

"What do you mean?" Raymond asked.

"Some of these profs have their entire professional reputation based on using safer, more expensive and more exotic materials." Dilip said. "They are professionally and emotionally invested in the idea that you cannot be too safe. They are going to fight anything they see as 'going backwards'."

"In that case," Raymond said "I would rather have one guy who is working for us rather than a team who will fight against us. As long as it is the right guy."

"I don't suppose you could get four or five of these hot-shot engineering professors over to the complex so I can hold job interviews?" Raymond asked.

"I don't see any issues with that." Dilip said. "These days I can get almost anything I want. It is almost like I am doing something important."

"Oh, there is one other minor detail I need your help on when I do the interviews." Raymond said. "I want you to ...."

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