Monday, October 29, 2018


During an average, home-game weekend, Texas A&M manages 87,000 potentially belligerent, slightly inebriated Texan football fans.

During an average, home-game weekend, University of Texas manages 101,000 of the same.

And you are telling me that between those two fine universities and a couple thousand cases of 17% OC spray that the United States cannot control the behavior, section, row and seat number of a few thousand, malnourished Central Americans.

Get real.


  1. Not sure Im understanding your point. The fans that attend a game not only want to be there they agree to more or less follow the rules. Also since they do follow the rules and pay to be there...they know they will get in. Those people from Central America can be controlled however it's Wayyyy different. People are asked to attend a game. They have not been asked to come to the US. They do not promise to follow the rules. Some have been seen burning flags and generally making comments that suggest they will NOT follow the rules at all. ( For one thing they already bum rushed the ticket takers in Mexico and tore down the goal posts before heading further North.) If anyone fails to follow the rules at A&M or UT events they will be removed quickly by armed guards. The people who pay to attend know that. No, if ands or butts you are gone. If the US wishes to continue to hold the Big Game...the one everyone wants to be at...they need to be prepared to do whatever it takes to throw out anyone who refuses to go with the rules. ( BTW, just to get into A&M or UT you approach a stadium surrounded by a FENCE. The ladies need to have clear bags. You agree to a half ass screen. Anyone tries to climb over the fence Or bring in weapons...will have a Very bad day ! The US needs to do the same.

    1. The point is that we know how to handle crowds of people who have the potential to be unruly.

      As you pointed out, the issue is the lack of political will. We are unwilling to treat the migrants the same way we treat football fans because it is somehow "inhumane" when you do it to a migrant.

      If, as a football fan, I were sufficiently intractable, I would get a baton shampoo and a pepper spray facial. And we cannot do that to migrants?

    2. I'm not so sure about that - yes they are crowds, but at football games only a portion of the crowd ever becomes belligerent; with this group a large portion of them are or will be belligerent. Controlling thousands of belligerents is a very different task than controlling a crowd of thousands among whom are a few dozen to a hundred or two belligerents.


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