Thursday, October 18, 2018

From the dog house to feasting in the Hall of Heroes

This is the time of year that mice migrate into the house.

A couple of nights ago mice took up residence in the wall next to the head of our bed. That would not have been so bad but these mice were reincarnations of Tim Allen intent on remodeling and flipping.

Note to the timid: I refuse to use the word "mouse" singular. To me, it is as nonsensical as speaking about a single molecule of "air".

Not only had these mice chosen that particular wall but they chose to begin power-gnawing approximately 2 feet from the divine Mrs ERJ's head. Mrs ERJ was not pleased.

Four mice have paid for our ladyship's displeasure with their lives. So far, no more gnawing.

It is good to be back feasting at the Table of Heroes.

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  1. We have red squirrels chasing each other and walnuts across our roof, over the bedroom, as that is the end of the house where the tree grows. So there is a loud kur-thunk, followed by rolling, followed by running. The nuts drop 24/7 until none are left in the tree, about 2 months now, the squirrels run from before sun-up to dark.

    So far, no mice have attempted to move in. Yet.
    Of course the weather is getting colder, so I expect that to change any day now.


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