Sunday, October 28, 2018

Was Gab the real target of the Loonie Bomber?

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When reports of the Loonie Bomber first came out I was a bit surprised when the main stream media prominently featured his use of Gab.

Main stream media is now suggesting that the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter  was energized by his own postings to Gab

Gab has been informed that their host is tossing them out on their ear because Gab allows "hate speech".

Was silencing Gab the true target of the Loonie Bomber all along?

Hate Speech
Have you ever noticed how yawns will ripple across a large room?

There might be seventy people in a warm conference room. The speaker is droning on. You have been sitting too long. Maybe you dialed back on your coffee consumption because you did not want the discomfort of a full bladder.

Then, somebody in the far corner of the room does it. They yawn.

Then a wave of yawns ripples across the conference room.

The contagious yawn is similar to a strobe. A potential exists and is waiting for the trigger.
A large potential exists between the two ends of the tube. The potential is not enough to break-down and ionize the gas within the tube. An external, high voltage trigger locally breaks down the gas and the potential is then able to overcome the remaining gap. The capacitors dump the energy stored within them.
"Hate speech" is feared by authorities because it is seen as the high voltage trigger.

This is seen by most people who have had training in the physical sciences as ass-backwards. Pertubations happen. Potential energy ALWAYS wants to drop down to a lower floor. The first way to armor systems is to reduce or dilute potential energy.

The crazy-making thing is that some players want to stoke the potential energy in society with identity politics and then they think they can prevent the tiger-in-the-room from eating everybody by removing the old Bon Appetit magazines.

The optics from a couple of different perspectives
If posters on Gab are so transparent in telegraphing their intentions as the main stream media suggests, then Gab should not be shut down. Rather, they should be hosted by the Department of Homeland Security to facilitate ease of monitoring.

If posters on Gab are so persuasive, they should be snapped up by Madison Avenue advertising firms.

If Gap posters are so awesomely capable of mayhem they should be given Pentagon contracts.

If posters on Gab are so destabilizing, then the CIA should be mailing them checks and cloning Gab in target countries.

None of these things happened.

An alternative explanation
I know this is kind of far out there, but what if the heavy political contributors in Silicon Valley were being pummeled in the stock market and wanted a distracting competitor removed from a flanking position so they could concentrate on their current train wreck?

The Loonie Bomber was cooked. The Pittsburgh shooter was an accident.


  1. My theory is that technology has made it too easy to make a profit. Until companies are forced to focus on their business, and only their business, we will suffer a plague of frustrations like this current crop. What would your do if you found a tailor that took your deposit for a new suit, and then refused to work with your choice of gray? What would you do if the hardware store offered only 1" nails because 3" framing nails are too dangerous? What if it was the only hardware store available? These are examples of businessmen who have lost sight of their purpose and forgotten that, competition aside, their customers are the ones who dictate the requirements. Consumerism is not democratic, and the Soviet Union failed because it didn't address the fact that people will find a way to get what they need.

  2. Gab was beginning to absorb a bit of the market, and was also a place where the powerful had no control over the speech. Either way, it MUST be shut down. It would t be the first, second or eightieth time that someone at FedGov hijacked the brain of retard to do their bidding.

    1. Thanks for reading and thanks for taking the time to comment.

      You have a great blog. Hope you don't mind that I played a riff on your theme.



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