Monday, October 22, 2018

It is the economy, stupid

By my count 9/62 heads belong to women or about 15%
There are two competing narratives regarding the Honduran caravan heading toward the US.

One is that they are families fleeing gang violence.

The other is that the migrants are seeking economic opportunity.

The gang violence narrative is alway supported with pictures of families with women and children filling the frame.

More candid shots of the crowd support the economic narrative.

The crowd is overwhelmingly men in the 20-to-30 age group.

From Wikipedia

Honduras has long been heavily unionized.

Perhaps it is notable that most of the Honduran private economy is devoted to textiles, an industry that is typically dominated by women workers and is usually considered "low value added".

Look no further than Honduras to see the pinnacle of Progressive ideals: Unions, large public sector, doubling down of investment in industries awash in global overcapacity and industry dominated by women workers. Do you like what you see?


  1. Being the simple soul that I am, I am unconvinced. What manner of incentive is necessary for several thousand (reports vary between 2,000 and 7,00) people to just pack up and head north simultaneously? I can see a trickle becoming a flood, but this thing seems to be too well organized.

    1. The incentive is that the dupes from Honduras were told that Trump would have to let them in due to political pressures.

      The collusion fully involves the media.

      For one thing, they are not WALKING to the US. It is a minimum of 2100 miles from Honduras to San Diego, the friendliest entryway. They would have to be walking at 12 miles per hour, eight hours a day for three weeks straight.

      I agree that it is organized.

      But people who want to come to the US for *economic* reasons are not entitled to the same considerations that people who suffer political repression are entitled to.

      That is why it is important to be clear on WHY they left Honduras. It was not political. It was not drug violence. It was the economy.

  2. The pictures I have seen show them riding on open flat beds behind fairly nice trucks - given that the area they are in is very poor and very corrupt, someone is paying a lot of money for their transport and is also either paying off the local cops or has enough clout that they don't have to.
    The last hyped caravan was paid for by Soros and company, and I would assume that this one is also until I see evidence otherwise.


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