Thursday, October 18, 2018

Zeke and Cletus in Waltucky

Waltucky. Always the most helpful sales-people. Always.
Cletus had stopped at his favorite store, Waltucky, to buy some new tires for the 1993 Dodge truck.

Cletus adored Waltucky. Chasing jobs from state-to-state, Cletus and Zeke never had a chance to build relationships with local merchants. Waltucky was the one constant in their lives.

The sales people at Waltucky never moved fast but were always patient and as helpful as they could be. Heck, after working a full day Cletus didn't feel like moving that fast himself.

Cletus only had enough scratch for a couple of tires. He had them put on the rear. He picked out the General Grabbers because he had always had good luck with Generals and some of the job sites were on wet gumbo or in deep snow.

Cletus was zoning out in the waiting room while the 'technicians' were changing the tires when Zeke came busting in.

Zeke was hyperventilating about a couple of pretty girls wearing USC jerseys and about nothing else.

Cletus was making child support payments in a couple of different states and was less than ambivalent about girls, no matter how pretty.

Looking over at them, Cletus reminded Zeke of the childhood ditty about coral snakes:

"Red Touch Yellow - Kills a Fellow
Red Touch Black - Venom Lack
Yellow Touches Red - Soon You'll Be Dead
Red Touches Black - Friend of Jack"

"They ain't advertising for guys like you and me. Them flashing lights, thems like flashing cop lights. They is tellin' you its healthier to be elsewhere."


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