Wednesday, October 17, 2018

When a Democrat says "Fix the damned roads!"

You have to laugh when a Communist Democrat makes "Fix the damned roads" the linchpin of their campaign.

A visit to any Communist Democratically run municipality will quickly convince you that additional taxes won't fix roads but will be diverted to fund make-work programs to reward voters.

Those same municipalities already get more $$$ per mile of road than outlying areas, and they still can't get it done.

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  1. I have been amused by this woman using the line as a major part of her platform, ever since she started. Gretchen Whitmer seems to me to be the type who is ever so cautious about not allowing a cuss word to escape her mouth, if there is a camera in sight. So when she started this campaign ad, I actually laughed. And in just about every single television spot, from an ad to an interview with a tv station, she made sure to include that line. I remember the government trying to slip one over on the people of Michigan by passing a gasoline tax to fix the roads, but also to pay money to teachers, and a lot of other things. The people shot that down, like 80% against. So eventually, the government just did it anyway.


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