Tuesday, October 30, 2018

This, that and the other thing

Today is dad's birthday.

I am sure he is exhausted. He has been entertaining a steady stream of visitors and taking phone calls. The batteries of the hearing aids gave out at 10 this morning. Were it me, I would have not replaced them and simply smiled and nodded.

Dad is going to sell the car to my sister. She will leave it in his garage. It is used to transport mom and dad to church on Sunday which is a two mile round trip. It is used to take them to the doctors about once a month which is a ten mile round trip. My sister-in-law uses it once a week to drove 1.5 miles to the grocery store to do their food shopping.

Dad is getting to the age where the insurance company is raising rates. As one more vehicle in my sister's fleet the increase in insurance will be negligible.

No fraud involved. Neither mom or dad will ever drive again.

I ran the chainsaw a little bit today.

I looked down at my hand and saw where the back of it was bleeding. I undoubtedly got raked by some blackberry branches.

Earlier this month we had an episode with somebody going batzhit crazy over a cut that did not want to stop weeping blood. As a result, I bought a couple of different clotting products. One of those products takes great pain to not tell you what is in it. "A polymer derived from the exoskeletons of marine organisms." or some such pseudo-scientific sounding tripe.

A wee bit of digging around in the manufacture's FAQ and I learn that one of the primary ingredients is chitosan.

From Wikipedia

"Chitosan... It is made by treating the chitin shells of shrimp and other crustaceans...
...it is useful in bandages to reduce bleeding and as an antibacterial agent..."

As a bulk powder dietary supplement, chitosan costs about ten cents a gram. Example.

In handy, foil packages and specifically formulated to stop bleeding it runs a dollar a gram. Example.

We rarely cut ourselves badly. The primary benefit is that it will keep folks from going bananas when they take a little longer to stop leaking. YMMV.

A certain young man left a "spit bottle" in the kitchen. No names will be mentioned.

One of the adults who tidies up around the place put the partial bottle of Dr Pepper back in the fridge.

Does anybody want to finish the story?

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  1. I always wear gloves when using the chainsaw and handling wood for precisely this reason; I also wear steel toe boots to avoid injury from wood, or entire trees, dropped on my feet.


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