Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What does $1/8 mil get you in fly-over country?

2240 sq-ft. Two complete kitchens, 2 bathrooms, etc. Shared laundry.
When I asked the realtors to feed me some leads to run on the blog, I asked them for houses that would benefit from a larger audience. Call them unique, or quirky or ahead of the curve. Anybody can sell a new house in a new subdivision.

This house was built in 1910 and it is still ahead of the curve. It is a duplex, sort of.

Perfect for multi-generational families. One hand washes the other. One-in-three millennials still lives at home. Someday the parents will need some care if they wish to continue living in their home. This house solves both challenges.

You won't have to listen to their music or listen to their friends complain about their lives or smell their stir-fried bicycle inner-tubes. Seriously, how much is it worth to not have to look at an inch-and-a-half of banana-kale-pomagranate smoothie turning into a hockey puck in your blender every morning?

You can spend as much, or as little time with your grandkids as you want.

Asking price of $133k. That is a metric ton of floor space for the price.

I don't have very many interior shots. I had to double-double check-check to ensure there were two, full kitchens.

Big garage. Probably had horses in it at one time. Also has a fenced in garden.

One block from the river. Two blocks from Main Street and a convenience store. Three blocks from the brew pub and a family restaurant/bar that plays karaoke, Trivia games and hosts live music. 1.5 miles from the hospital.

You will have very nice neighbors. Diversity is celebrated. The gentleman who lives across the street is a University of Michigan fan.

While it could be broken down into rental property, this house is ahead of the curve when it comes to addressing the affordability issues confronting young families and healthcare issues older adults will be facing soon.

Realtor contact.

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