Friday, October 26, 2018

Cletus and Zeke in Bucyrus, Ohio

Cletus and Zeke were doing demolition work in Bucyrus, Ohio when Zeke got hung up on a 16d nail and gashed his thigh. The gash was four inches long and a quarter inch deep. It wasn't a bleeder and it didn't go down to the muscle but Cletus told him to go out to the truck and take care of it.

The foreman saw Cletus standing around waiting for Zeke to come back and started to give him a ration of shit.

Cletus asked him, "How many 35 and 40-year-olds do you see out here doing this kind of work?"

The foreman admitted it was kind of rare.

"That's cause it don't pay to get an infected leg. The best thing that will happen is you only lose a few days. The worst thing that can happen is that you will lose your leg." Cletus told him.

"Now shut your pie-hole. It will only take him a couple of minutes to wash it out and put a bandaid on it. And it won't show up on no lost-work-time reports." Cletus said.

The foreman shut up because Cletus was probably right, Zeke and Cletus were outworking the young guys and because Cletus could break him in half if Cletus got mad.


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