Friday, October 12, 2018

Job killing progressive agenda responsible for killing people

Data from FRED. Non-seasonally adjusted civilian labor force participation rate. Chart by ERJ

The Democrat's main talking line in Michigan races seems to be health insurance.

A typical ad starts out with, "My mom died of cancer. She lost her health insurance when she lost her job..."

And then the ad ends with the tag line, "It is the Republican's fault. Shame on you!"

What is unsaid is that the Democratic candidate is going to "fix" the problem by mandating that everybody have the equivalent of Medicaid, the same crappy insurance that the candidate implicitly blames for her mother's death.

Run that by me again, Slotkin. You want to fix the problem by forcing everybody to have the problem?

Also unsaid is that the candidate suffered financially when her mother was unable to get private insurance. Medicaid/care sequesters assets to offset costs. Those assets are no longer available to fold into the estate when the patient dies...which is inevitable.

I get that the candidate is angered that her mother died. I also understand anger that is due to having a juicy inheritance pulled from your grasp...particularly if the candidate was living-large in anticipation of that inheritance.

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