Saturday, October 20, 2018

Follow-up post on using nets to defend against drones

Reader B pointed out in comments of the last post that weights were needed to ensure the nets had enough elevation and fully deployed.

The picture in my head is of something like a CO2 cartridge that is pre-scored  and holds the compressed net within. The package is shot out of a shotgun with a rifled barrel to impart a spin. At the desired elevation, a chip-and-charge detonate and the sides of the CO2 cartridge unzip to become the weights that spin out the net.

The important thing to notice here is that she draped some of the net weights over her left shoulder. Those weights will have much lower velocity than the weights she is slinging out and will impart a spin.
I suspect the offensive drones have to be fairly low elevation to be effective. Filling the air with nylon chaff or confetti up to 60 meters of elevation is not an impossibility given the right equipment set.


  1. Netting would definitely work. And I think here are some out there already...

  2. I am reminded of the animal net gun I saw a while back on Gunbroker - it was essentially a short barreled 12 gauge using powerful blanks with a wide scoop that held a carefully folded weighted net.
    The design came from South African use to capture fast ungulents that escaped other methods of catching for zoo animals.


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