Wednesday, October 24, 2018


I am baffled by parents who think they are somehow "helping" kids by pushing them into bi-gay sexuality.

The parents glow with internal righteousness as they tell you how "woke" they are.  They are sure they are the Best Parents Ever.  Silly me; and here I thought it was about the kids.

I will be the first to agree that some kids will continue charging down the bi-gay lane regardless of what their parents do. For the sake of argument let's say that is 4% of the population. 4% was chosen because according to the Census Bureau 4% is the percentage that identifies as Gay/Lesbian. Further, let's say 20% will waffle regardless of what the parents do. 20% was pulled out of my nethermost orifice because it is precisely the square root of 4%.

That leaves about 75% who will rebound off the bumpers in the middle of the pinball game if those bumpers are there!

It is perfectly fair to ask why I think there is advantage to choosing hetero if that is an option. I will leave aside issues of my personal morality because those arguments that will gain zero traction with most other people.

Can we agree that it is better to not be assaulted than it is to be assaulted?

Can we agree that it is better to not assault people than it is to assault them?

According to a recent study by Suarez, Mimiaga, and Garofalo, 46% of members of male couples that were surveyed reported experiencing intimate partner violence in the last year.

Incidentally, the authors are extremely sympathetic to alternative lifestyles and cannot be accused of slagging M-M relationships simply to score political points.

According to the National Organization for Women, woman in a heterosexual relationships have a 4% chance of experiencing intimate partner violence.

One can argue all day long about methodologies. Self-reported data is notoriously inaccurate, incomplete and biased. But it is the only data we have to work with.

Reading between the lines, it seems probable that those who were perpetrating the violence on the 46% who reported IPV in the past year are less likely to report that violence within their relationship. That is, if 46% of the population is committing violence against a different 46% percent of the population then we are likely to only hear from the 46% who were victims, when in fact 92% of the couples experienced violence.

So I am baffled when parents act like they are doing their child some huge service when they humor, support, even encourage their child's exploration into non-traditional sexuality.

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