Saturday, October 8, 2022

Working at cross-purposes

The politicians say they want to bring manufacturing back to the US.

The average age of a "factory worker" in Michigan is 55.

All through school, kids are told that factory work is beneath them.

The politicians have decriminalized cannabis. In many places, like Michigan, it has been legalized but you can still get whacked for "Driving under the Influence".

Weed kills folk's give-a-golly.

Where is the incentive for people to work in factories? They don't seem to be motivated by money. One of the bosses at a local pallet re-man shops told me that he loved hiring guys who were wearing ankle bracelets because they always showed up for work.

Is that what it will come to? Convict able-bodied people of felonies so they can be forced to work?


  1. It isn't just factories, employees are hard to come by everywhere. My wife and I were talking about how atrociously dumb and unfriendly the new crop of tellers at our bank are.

  2. If, and i mean IF, they really wanted to bring back jobs to America, then they would show good faith by diverting all the Alaskan oil that is sold to Asiatic nations and bring it back to the lower 48 states.
    THEN they would simplify the IRS and everyone, corporations, companies, foundations, and individuals would pay flat-rate tax rates across the board. No write-offs, nothing. If you make a dollar, or a billion dollars, same flat rate. If you spend 10% tything to the religion of you choosing, good for you, but now discount, that's your choice. If a company pays a million in advertising, great! But no discounts. That's the company just advertising its products.
    I won't be holding my breath waiting for either "good faith options" to happen anytime soon.

  3. The benefits of moving industry overseas was created by government in cahoots with wall street bankers . In my AO the famed Dresser Industries bought of three of the largest industries in the state . They then hired like crazy , enriched the unions, , and politicians . Next came shutting down the factories , selling off the rights to make the products to overseas interests , and then selling off the stripped properties . Goodbye jobs but Dresser Industries reaped billions . Goodbye Dresser Jefferys Columbus , Galion -Dresser Ironworks , and Marion Power Shovel Dresser . It will take the exact same thing that destroyed these businesses to bring them back . Government incentives . I don't see that happening under Obiden although Trump was talking about doing just that .

  4. Want to motivate people to work? End welfare/EBT's/Cash handouts etc. Why the hell would people want to work if Uncle Sugar is going to rob the productive to PAY THEM to be unproductive.

  5. Hungry bellies beget work

  6. PEOPLE'S disincentive is what caused it, and government incentives will do nothing to "fix" it. Voting to raise the minimum wage is an example. That is on the local (state level) People, since the fed minimum is still low(er). Washington is going to a $15.74 minimum, which then pushes the other wages, that are based off a formula from minimum, higher. Jobs move to lower cost regions, because it is one of the things business can try to control (until it doesn't, and then moves on to the next lower cost area).
    Overtime is another area. Jobs that can control to a 40 hour week WILL. "Just hire more people to keep everyone under 40" Until there isn't more people to hire (in the second place. First place is the level of competence needed). High end restaurants are an example: "These poor servers, we need to vote minimum higher wages" Ruth's Chris steakhouse, for instance, is only open 30 hours per week. I used to try be 1.5 times the minimum, overtime was not mandated. Now overtime is mandated & minimum is higher than can be priced to end product revenue. People who used to be good with working 50-60 hour week now face 3 prospects: lower starting wages (HAVING to work 60 hours to get the same annual pay). Cut to 40 hours(go get a second job). or a closed business (no job available at all)
    Alaska oil going to "the market", instead of having to be only used in the US, leveled the playing field, a good thing. (unless there is other policy that shackles free market forces). Western Wa with 5 refineries had a higher fuel price than E Wa, who's fuel came from eastward refineries at a lower price range.
    Wa led the way on ObamaCare, forcing insurers to cover things while at the same time shackling their ability to properly price the Risk. Insurers left the state.
    To Arthurs comment, I've noticed recent job applicants in some cases, seemed to have a 2nd grade level. Does the general drug use acceptance have a part in that, stoned & dumb?

  7. Not sure, but I think you meant to type “Weed kills folk’s give-a-golly.”

  8. I can tell you that when coal was booming it was not unusual for teenagers in Gillette Wyoming to get arrest for petty things and sentenced to 20-40 hours community service. It seemed the city wage were not competitive with the coal industry. My god son got 20 hours for smoking under age. He ended up driving a skid steer for a couple of days in the summer.

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