Saturday, October 29, 2022

Good working companions make for an enjoyable day in the woods


The three logs on the right side of the image are from one tree.

We got three trees down, cut and split.

These two guys worked their fool heads off and did not complain about my slowing them down (very much). There may have been a joke or two about young guys needing a vertical log splitter while mature gentlemen did best with the horizontal splitter.

I needed a nap when I got home.


  1. Up NE of Lansing rut cruising is in full swing, if you've got time get in the woods this week. Looking like a good time to get a large deer.

  2. Help is always appreciated, regardless of the age!

  3. Having used the " vertical log splitter" many times, I'll take the horizontal log splitter all day long.

  4. I use a horizontal splitter and set my tractor bucket about the height of the splitter deck so I just have to turn and stack on the tractor bucket until full and move split wood to the wood shed. I pick up from the ground to the splitter with a pickaroon so I don’t have to bend. Saves wear and tear to my back which has a two level fusion. Ice got 11 cords in the shed including small rounds!

  5. Looks like a lot of good wood there. Good help is a God-send.
    My husband sets the splitter vertical for the big rounds, horizontal for the smaller ones. He loads it directly into the tractor bucket from the splitter, as Anonymous described above.
    Southern NH

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