Sunday, October 23, 2022

Cross-fit competition, Part II

Belladonna gave me permission to post that she is the person I went to watch compete in the Cross-fit competition this week.

She wondered why I did not mention it in the earlier post.


Once I put something out on the web it exists forever. I try to be respectful about people's privacy, especially in this day and age.

For example, when a neighbor sends me a picture of a deer they harvested I strip any information from the description because Michigan's laws regarding reporting of a deer harvest has become intrusive. Michigan's Legislature passed a bi-partisan bill that decriminalized the rules formulated by the Executive Branch demanding that hunters report the location-of-harvest to within a half-mile. Michigan's Governor Big-Retch (hawk, spit) vetoed that bill.

So it is still a potential felony if a hunter fails to report exact location of harvest within 72 hours of bringing game-to-bag.

How much longer before they demand that we do the same for gardens and log-in how many tomatoes on a day-by-day basis?

So rather than expose people who trust me, I leave out details unless the people who share their stories WANT me to share.


This was Bella's first Cross-fit competition. Her team optimistically entered in the "Intermediate" division rather than the "Novice" or beginner division.

There were eight teams entered in her division and her team placed just shy of the middle which is an astounding performance.

The "heats" were brutal. They lasted ten minutes and were a mix of cardio dominated tasks interlaced with strength dominated tasks. For example, the first heat for her team was to alternate 20 sit-ups, 15 "box-jumps" where they had to jump up onto a 24" tall box, and 10 "plate lifts" where they had to lift a 40 pound weight-lifting plate from touching the floor to up, overhead. The two team-members alternated so they both got to do the sub-events. The team was scored based on the number of trips through the torture chamber.

Then there was about a 45 minute recovery period...than another set of events.

The second event was gross-tonnage of clean-and-jerks. The women alternated, one minute-on, one-minute-off. They both had to lift the same weight but they got to choose how much that was.

The third ten minute event was synchronized swings where they had to both have their legs above horizontal at the same time for 20, then throwing a medicine ball against the wall and then 20 burpees.

The final event was stationary bike where they had to sprint as far as they could in ten minutes.

I give my daughter a tip-of-the-hat for having the sand to compete, the optimism to compete as an "Intermediate" and the fortitude to leave it all on the gym floor...all except for her breakfast...she didn't leave any of her breakfast there. But it was a close thing.


  1. I don't think I could have done that when I was 18 and in fresh out of bootcamp shape. She did good!

  2. Huzzah for Belladonna!

    And nice word, Dad.

    Nature AND nurture combine to form us.

  3. Give the young lady a Bravo Zulu from an old broken-down trooper. Would NOT have tried that even when I was doing training in yoga and karate right after I became a civilian again. "Man (and woman)'s got to know his (her) limitations" as And one to you and Mrs ERJ because she didn't raise herself.Harry said and I believe.

  4. ERJ - With regards to details, I do the same. The people of my blog exist, but effectively all personal information is scrubbed. And I never directly talk about them without their permission.

    Good on Belladonna for trying the competition, and on the Intermediate level! I have many friends that do Cross Fit and they enjoy it very much.


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