Saturday, October 8, 2022

Preparing an exit strategy

Based on walking my pastures, I have between 30 and 60 days of pasture left.

It is time to start planning my exit strategy.

Regardless of their ultimate destination, they will be leaving on a trailer. That means I need a structure to contain them. That means I need to build a mock-corral and start feeding them some corn in the mock-corral so they will not be totally spooked later on.

Ultimately, I will ship out of a Figure-6 "trap" with a 15' diameter, which I can make with three feedlot panels and a bunch of Tee-posts.

I will use a "C" shaped mock-corral made from two feedlot panels and the same or slightly smaller diameter. That will get them comfortable with the feedlot panels and posts. I will only use five Tee-posts since they will not be pressuring the structure.

The advantage of using the same diameter is that I can beef it up and add another panel and use the training corral for shipping. It is nice to have options. I have to give location and orientation some thought to maximize flexibility.


  1. If you are going to get more steers next year I'd recommend a more sturdy and permanent corral as when loading them things can sometimes get exciting. Strangers on site or other things you don't notice can get those critters riled up and injuries to them, or you, don't improve the profitability. And park a trailer or truck where the loading trailer will be when you are training them. ---ken

    1. Thank-you, sir. I will certainly implement the truck idea.

  2. I also park the trailer a couple days in advance so they get used to seeing and smelling it when they are walking past the gate


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