Sunday, October 23, 2022

...picked a peck of peppers...

It has been a productive morning.

I have a load of peppers in the dehydrator and a load of dishes in the washer.

I picked the peppers by cutting the plants at the base and processing them inside. The plants are done but the peppers were fine. They are Anaheims so they are not very hot but they are what I have.

I also got a pesky seed order done. The vendor's software is not very transparent. It did not like the fact that I used the two-digit version of the year my card expires and it wanted the four digit. The error it threw was that I had to list both my first and last name on my shipping address.

The small airport by Chicago informed me that a shipment of sabots is heading my way.

It has been a good morning so far.


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  2. Ever thought about overwintering peppers by 1) pruning back branches a couple weeks before frost and then 2) root pruning with a spade a week or so later, then 3) finally lifting the pepper into a pot?

    Kinda takes a bit of planning but come May you have fully developed plant ready for transplant.


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