Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Nestor Hernandez: Making Babies and Killing Nurses


This man has several felony convictions. He was on parole when he murdered two nurses in Labor-and-Delivery while his baby-mama was squeezing out his pup.

Is it churlish of me to ask about his immigration status? I see his gang-land/Cartel tattoos and it seems like a reasonable question.

If he is not a US citizen, this is as more of an immigration failure than it is a "criminal justice" failure. If he is not a US citizen, why is he still in the United States? 

If I were next-of-kin of one of the deceased nurses I would be asking "Who will be held accountable?" Which judges did NOT deport him? Why?

The best predictor of future violence is a prior history of violence.


  1. The leftists in power WANT animals like this to be here...roaming freely. The crime these animals commit allows the leftists to wield even more power against the citizenry. It's called anarchotyranny. And it's a major tool of the commie left.

  2. All good questions for our media to ask the justice system who allowed him to be released to attend the birth. I'm sure we would all be fascinated to hear it to.

    More questions - Where did he get the gun on such short notice ? Stop at a gun shop to pick one up ? To me, it sounds like one of his home boys helped him do this. Ankle monitor indeed !

  3. Justice is the one thing you should always find,
    You’ve got to saddle up your boys,
    You’ve got to draw a hard line…

  4. I'm no expert on tats, but he has some of his history on his face. We don't see the crown down here, it's a different group.

  5. Apparently other photos show him 'on the day' wearing an ankle bracelet. So it's a failure of common sense across the board: immigration, justice, law enforcement.

  6. The proper way to deal with this is to slowly lower him into a wood chipper. After we allow the victims' families outfitted with propane torches, pruning shears, and nailguns to spend some time with him while he's locked up in stockades. It's called deterrence.

    1. Needs to be public for as they say, 'the encouragement of the others'.

  7. As somebody said, what about the judge or judges who did not deport him? They should also find out about deterrence.

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  9. There's a whole buncha wrong here and Nester himself is the tail end of this disaster. This stuff repeats hundreds of times every day. Try to stay out of it's way. Remus rule.


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