Thursday, October 13, 2022

Are young women more likely to have traffic accidents?

One of the things we have done to ease our children's transition into the "real-world" is to ramp the expenses. That is, we cover their phone-bill for a year and their insurance for six-months. That way they can make decisions in an orderly way and are less likely to feel overwhelmed.

There are a million ways to send a kid out into the world. That is the way the kind-and-gentle Mrs ERJ and I negotiated.

With Belladonna out of the house since August, it was getting to be time to drop her from the auto insurance policy. Mrs ERJ handles such things and called the insurance company to make the adjustments.

Both Mrs ERJ and I were surprised by the amount of money we would save by dropping Belladonna from the policy. It was much more than we expected.

According to the representative for the insurance carrier, women in their 20s are now at higher risk for automobile accidents than young men!!!

If so, it is probably due to the fact that many of them are incapable of NOT looking at their phone when it goes "Bing!": Looking at it, reading the message and responding.

Men in their twenties are more than twice as likely to die in a traffic accident with a crude death-rate of 22/100k vs 9/100k in 2019. But on the flip-side they drive 50% more miles per year at that age.

Risk by day-of-week

I was surprised that the day-of-week-risk distribution (as a percentage of total traffic deaths) was nearly identical for men and women in their 20s. There is some uncertainty regarding whether the data is the date of the accident or when the patient was declared dead.


  1. The spike at the ends of the chart make me wonder what time of day would look like. I reckon a few of those Sat and Sun accidents are really Fri and Sat night accidents.

  2. ERJ, we just did the same with our oldest as she moved out (in her case, in The Big City with no auto. The policy dropped a very surprising amount.

  3. We sent a basic toolbox when the kids moved out. Everyone needs to do minor touchups/hang stuff at a new place.
    Lot's of younger women doing tik-toks as they drive.


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