Friday, October 7, 2022

Fake News Friday: INS now checking Martha's Vineyard menial labor status

Joyful that residents of Martha's Vineyard have a newly-found seal zeal for US immigration laws, agents of the INS are going residence-to-residence and checking immigration status of maids, cooks, servants, cleaners, gardeners, carpenters, roofers, brick-layers, window-cleaners, plumbers and dance-instructors and transporting undocumented workers off the island.


  1. I think you meant Zeal, not Seal...

    1. Thanks. I fixed it.

      I originally had "zealous" but twiddled with the sentence and fat-fingered in a mistake.

      Thanks for reading and thanks for calling the mistake to my attention.

  2. Did that come from Babylon Bee? Too funny to be true with the current administration.


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