Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Training Day Three

Today was a short day. I left the house at 6:20AM and was back by 5:00PM.

The young person I am training with was dragging his tail-feathers in the dust today. No, I did not out-work him. After yesterday's 11-hour work day he went and hung dry-wall for his brother for another five hours. He is one hard-working 22-year-old.

We would have worked longer but the scissors-lift puked at 3:00PM. It went 1/3 the way up and stalled. I suspect that part of the problem is in the comm-cable that goes from the pendant. That cable is twisted and kinked and wrapped with electrical tape. The lift auto E-stopped every 20 minutes with no user input which is disconcerting when trying to do precision work. 

The stalling problem was completely separate from the E-stop issue. The motor was pumping but the lift was not going up. We had about 450 pounds in a lift that is rated for 880 pounds.

We cross-loaded to a second scissors-lift and we went back up to tie-off the job-element. Then the trainer suggested that we blow-off the rest of the day. We both jumped on the idea.

Some days you find yourself pushing a rope.

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