Monday, October 3, 2022

Did the Democrats really just go there?

The Michigan 7th Congressional District race between Elissa Slotkin (D) and Tom Barrett (R) is turning into a real barn-burner.

I suspect the Slotkin campaign is looking at polls and becoming desperate.

(Apologies. I was not able to find video or images to include in this post)

One of the Democrat's "plausible deniability" hit organizations, is running an ad that starts with a picture of Barrett overlain with the text


Then they follow with some blabbing then a visual of a man sitting at a desk with his back to the camera


The thing that rings-my-bell is that the next visual is only shown for about 0.7 seconds and is a paragraph of text where Candidate Barrett introduces himself to an audience. His first sentence, the only one you have time to read is

"I am a Christian..."


The trouble with lobbing hand-grenades is two-fold. They cause excessive collateral damages and the target can lob them back.

This ad is one of those hand-grenades. The Democrats just connected the dots. They told us that they think "Christians", "Extremists" and "Dangerous people" are almost mutually synonymous. 

The weaselly, Democratic hatchet-men are resorting to sly imagery, innuendo and guilt-by-association to imply that voters should reject Candidate Barrett out-of-hand based on the faith he professes and practices.

The collateral damages for Elissa Slotkin is that many Progressives still believe that a candidate's choice of religion should not be that basis for whether one chooses to vote for him or his opponent; whether the candidate is Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or a Manchester United fan.

Lobbing the grenade back is simply a matter of pointing out where the Democrats went and what they did. Do they really want to turn elections into referendums about which religion is most popular? I am pretty sure Slotkin would lose by a very wide margin if that is what they are calling for.

Just saying, if that is the rule they are throwing on the table, let's make them live by it.


  1. Looks my my kinda guy, fer sure. Nice of the demoncrats to help him out. --ken

  2. Yeah, they like using the word "extremist" and "Too extreme" for us".
    Those same words are all over the CHicago stations.

  3. Sigh...This is going to be a 'bad' year...

  4. Someone named "Elissa Slotkin" thinks Christians are ipso facto extremists and is stirring the ethno-religious pot for political points and profit?


  5. Its funny watching people wake up to the notion that TINVOWOOT.....
    Gotta grok that before you can move forward in any meaningful way.

  6. Bringing in religion into politics is never a good idea. It galvanizes people into making sure to go out and vote. Sort of like poking the bear and speak about violating the protections of the 2nd amendment.

  7. Quit pussy footing around and go straight to: TOM BARRETT EATS BABIES! TOM BARRETT IS A SPACE ALIEN!

  8. I wonder how the DNC would react if someone turned it around and brought up Ms Slotkin's faith, the fact that she's former CIA, etc? LOL

  9. Has Slotkin ever entered a church? Is her parents or grandparents Christians? Does she think all Christians are extremist? Good questions to ask her at her next news cycle.

  10. Barrett could have a 10 second TV commercial that says simply, Barrett: "Elissa, you ignorant slut."

    Since it's only 10 seconds long, run it 10 times an hour, 24 hours a day on ALL local channels.


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