Monday, October 10, 2022

As American as Apple-pie

Note: Tag was temporarily removed for the photos.
A friend and neighbor sent me this picture. He got it with a bow.

Something that most city-people do not appreciate is that many of us go sit in the woods and remain motionless and invisible. We do it for hours at a time. We do it because we think it is fun.

Shooting animals with lethal results is not an academic exercise for most of us.


  1. Very Nice!! Congrats to neighbor. I hunt them EVERY year that the good Lord allows.

  2. That's an exceptionally nice archery buck.

  3. I appreciate the kill.

    I also appreciate the wall behind with a trophy mount, a scythe and rifle, both ready to take down and use, and The Flag.

  4. Good shot placement!

  5. I've always said that the skills and tools used to kill deer can be repurposed, should it be necessary....

    And the vital areas of a deer are not significantly different than those of other targets.

  6. Nice buck. Archery hunting is very challenging due to requirement to get closer to the animal rather than a firearm, and the motion of drawing the bow to fire the arrow hidden from view of the animal. Your neighbor seems to have the hang of it - good job !


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