Saturday, October 15, 2022

Red-neck Etiquette

When attending an afternoon, outdoor wedding in October: Is it too early to wear Carhartts?

Mrs ERJ says "No!"


The decoration behind the preacher

Carhartts would have been fine.

Update Two:

I survived the reception. I was at a table with five females and no other men.

I sat next to the lively and vivacious Mrs ERJ.

The other women were two 35-ish year-old mothers and their teenage daughters.

Lucky for me all of the women except for Mrs ERJ were far more interested in their smart-phones than they were in me.

The DJs kept the volume of the music at a very sane level. The food and the coffee was good. I skipped desert.

Flannel, jeans and cowboy boots were the most popular dress-up clothes. There were a multitude of red-haired girls of the 4-8-year-old cohort, most dressed like Princess Fiona (with cowboy boots, of course). The boys of Eaton Rapids will have their hands full in a few years.


  1. With or without a shotgun?

  2. Replies
    1. Mrs. ERJ did right. Carhartt fired all of its unvaxxed employees.

  3. Are we talking about coverall, bibs or just a coat?
    Just don't wear a "Canadian Tuxedo"

  4. OMG. I had THAT tractor! John Deere 'B', with hand clutch...Dad bought it from some had that up & down blade on the front(not a bucket) and a winch from a small bulldozer mounted on the back. You needed about 4 hands to operate all the moving parts, and steer at the same time...seems like the hydraulics to run the blade ran off the PTO, iirc.

  5. I’ve always enjoyed ‘visiting’ (I’ve probably spent more time there than I have here over the decades, on leave. I’d have emigrated if they’d let me in … the INS, literally, laugh when I ask, being “the wrong demographic” and “having a problematic history” ie. white, Christian, ex-military [cough, specialist], hetero. Sigh!).

    Most of my friends there live in areas where cammo is seen as, not just acceptable ‘evening attire’ but, de rigueur. My old issue S95 DPM (disruptive pattern material) smocks are seen as the equivalent (in effete east/west coast terms) of Boss or Gucci (struggling here since I have no idea what they think is good). I get quite a bit of attention. I’ve never been a fashion icon before.

    It’s a “tribal” uniform thing I think. The equivalent, on this side of the pond, is wearing Barbour or Belstaff waxed cotton (here still the uniform of real farmers, hunters, fishermen and old-school bikers – watching the pipe-cleaner armed, coiffed and pomaded bearded, types wear it is the same as you seeing the same types wear plaid pretending to be lumberjacks … hilarious). It’s ‘amusing’ in that whilst you probably only see pretentious pr*cks wearing waxed cotton, we only see the same wearing Carhartt.

    The thing I took from your description? That the men were dressed as men, and the ladies (unfortunately now so rarely and unusually) were dressed as ladies, and isn’t that a sad thing to be now so notable?

  6. Ahh, DPM. There's a smock in that pattern in my closet somewhere, unfortunately a bit small for me now. I've been a conisseur of foreign camo patterns for decades now. I don't actually have a lot of them but I can identify them. The most recent fun was a fellow showing up to a rifle match in full Rhodesian camo with an appropriately painted full auto FAL.

    1. I may, or may not have a full set of loaned (when on an advisory mission) SADF and Selous Gear (showing my age yet again, and those shorts ... pinched, and I wouldn't wear them in public even if I could still get them past my, slightly expanded, knees now) but I definitely have multiple (inch pattern) FAL's (none painted, but ... possibly one or two still bearing hessian).


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