Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Back to being a working-stiff, sort of

Yesterday was a long day and today promises to be the same.

11.5 hours between when I walked out of my door and when I walked back in.

3.5 hours of time on the road. Thankfully, I only drove 0.5 hours of it. I HATE traffic.

8.0 hours on my feet.

The rental equipment I was training on was old, creaky, slow and imprecise.

I am stiff this morning but it is nothing a strong cup of coffee, a hot shower and a couple of Tylenol will not straighten out.


  1. Yes, we reach a point where it is painfully obvious that we are no longer 20 years old and free of injury.

  2. Old ,creaky, slow , and imprecise sounds like a trip to the ER from this old rental equipment company mechanic . Too many excellent rental companies out there competing to put up with that kind of equipment . In times as hard as these the companies are begging for business and nearly 95% will drop their drawers for their best equipment . It's getting hard out there like it did under Jimmah Cotta .

  3. Damn stubborn Yankee. Good on you Friend!

    Stubbornness can create progress or stop it in its tracks.

    Keep driving on buddy.

  4. I recommend taking the pain pills before bed. Try to avoid pain pills during the day, when you really don't want to mask injury. BTW, you can take ibuprofen and acetaminophen together.


    I thought you make get a kick of the "planning" in this series of tweets.


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