Sunday, October 9, 2022

An Unconventional Hymn


Not every leap is successful. Not every salmon makes it past the bears. But enough do.


God does not require that we be "successful" but that we remain faithful. 

Satan does not endeavor to make us "fail". He endeavors to time our death so we are not in a state-of-grace when we pass.


  1. As my time gets shorter here on this earth I find that the "busy" things of life tend to interfere with that command to be "filled with the Spirit". Keeping that old lamp trimmed and burning takes much more time as we age just as changing the spark plugs in the old F-250 does . I typically read/listen to several sermons daily as well as my devotions and worship services of varying denominations . EWTN has a great daily Mass they send to my phone and I am growing quite fond of that every day listening . Never the less it remains a great challenge to keep that holy lamp burning brightly in this wicked world . When He comes or I go I plan on having the wick trimmed and the lamp full of that Oil of the Holy Spirit . Maranatha !

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