Thursday, October 6, 2022

Darwin's Playground

Imagine a very, very large metal building with almost no "signal" inside. Furthermore, imagine three sets of restrooms placed in corners of the building.

One face of the building has an active loading dock where there IS signal.

Now imagine ERJ 35 feet up in the air with a birds'-eye view, watching workers walk to the farthest bathroom and catching up on their social media as they walk the entire width of the "hot" loading dock as close to the doors as they can get. They percolate through the baskets of material and double-stacked pallets of boxes that are staged for incoming trucks. Oh, and they have ear-buds in.


  1. What you get when you combine terminal laziness with abject stupidity.....

  2. You just gave this old Heavy Lifting guy nightmares in that scenario ! I had to fire a few guys over the years to protect my "safe" guys from harm . And drugs . As Dan suggests it is a combo of stupid and lazy that is deadly .

  3. That could be easily fixed with signal boosters, and careful placement could direct thoughtless traffic to safer locations.

    1. Fixed? We are living in clown world because somebody "fixed" things by sending Darwin on hiatus. (I'd ignore the literary license of "seeing" from 35' up through a structure that blocks electromagnetic radiation, but... too late, maybe plant a neutron emitter on each person?)

    2. My 'fix' would be no personal cell phones on company property during working hours. Personal business on your
      own personal time. First infraction, write up. Second, fired.

  4. Worked for a major trucking co. before retirement. Out on the dock where the forklifts roam and pallets are stacked, if you had a cell phone out, first time was an automatic three days. There were no second times.


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