Saturday, October 1, 2022

Heavy-handed Covid-19 response: The ripples are still spreading

Local hospitals are shrinking their manpower by 7% due to horrific and totally unexpected decreases in revenues.

Loss of patients during the height of the Covid panic were partially covered by Federal transfers. Many procedures were pushed off-site. Medical providers quickly recognized the higher ratio of billable procedures-per-hour-on-the-clock (not having to commute to the hospital). Insurance companies quickly noted the procedures were significantly less expensive without the hospitals troweling on another layer of overhead.

The panic ended. The procedures did not come back to where they had traditionally been done. Furthermore, a significant number of the caregivers over the age of 55 who worked for the hospital had bailed out.

What do you do when your admissions tank and you still struggle to meet Federally mandated nurse:patient ratios? You pull out your pad of pink-slips and start laying people off.

I wonder if the people who will be looking for work next week will thank Governor Gretchen Whitmer for starting this sequence of events.


  1. In Canada, when its time to trim the fat and reduce staffing, invariably they toss front line staff like nurses, etc. It appears that the hospitals cannot function without all those administrators.

  2. I doubt that they will connect the dots. Most of the ones I know have not do so up to this point except one RN who refused the VAXX and told them to fire her which they backed down on.. --ken

  3. ERJ, sadly no-one will connect the dots. They never do.

    I think the "more experienced" work force getting out will continue to yield "benefits" for years to come. When people are confronted with the fact that there are alternate ways to make a living that do not involve high levels of stress, bureaucracy, and corporate politics, it is hard if ever to lure them back.

    1. Agreed.
      People almost never look at 2nd or 3rd order effects.
      If they did, we wouldn't have lotteries, legalized gambling, and many other things.

    2. Yessir.
      There is a flip side to that, too.. I fall into this category, sorta. Bachelors degree, CDL license, management experience, can do just about any trade... I work for myself as needed as a handyman for cash under the table. Gone Galt, so to speak?
      Why can't corporations find and hire good staff? I'm not even looking for jobs with them anymore. Payscale is irrelevant, frankly.
      Its me taking my ball and going home, refusing to play their game - used to be the employee needed the job more than the job needed the employee (10 people waiting in the wings). THATS why there is a shortage of workers in everything. One giant collective go fuck yourself from the middle class.
      I believe that hard working competent people will never want for work, its the system that is broken and needs fixing.

  4. No one will blame the Whitmer. Spin will take it onto someone else.

  5. After two years of blatant lying and massive coercion forcing acceptance of treatments *known* to cause death and a massive rise in iatrogenic disease, all trust in all medical and pharmaceutical industries, and *all* the people connected to them has been burned *permanently* to the ground.

    Rebuilding this trust will require the death of *everyone* who was alive when this happened. A burned bridge.

    Only fools will still seek treatment from these quacks, and allowing yourself to fall asleep in their presence betrays a death wish.

    It's that bad. Really. The jab was an IQ test. Darwin is ending his haitus. The gods of the copybook headings, with terror and slaughter return.


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