Thursday, October 13, 2022

The muscles that are strengthened by simple push-ups


Push-ups do more than develop triceps and pectoral muscles.

I am fond of body-weight exercises because they require no equipment.

The motions of the push-up mimic punching or pushing away which makes them great for improving your ability to defend yourself.


  1. I had my boys shoot for 500 a day in season.

  2. Having spent decades ‘travelling’ (seemingly always to the scummiest places around the globe – My accommodations? Forget about ‘with’ a gym, ‘without’ the faecal atmosphere would have been nice) I’ve always been a fan of callisthenics and bodyweight workouts, so much so I even began following Paul Wade’s and (more so) Al Kavadlo’s programs (basically progressively harder push-ups, pull-ups, dips and squats using variations and available ‘furniture’).

    The thing I noticed (about both myself and others) was that almost all of us can do a reasonable (if not necessarily impressive) amount of ‘pushing’, but ‘pulling’ motions are another container of piscines (especially as I’ve gotten older and “bigger boned”). So, now do pull-ups too please.

    I’ve always looked at how the body demands, and responds, to things like push-ups as a metaphor for … well, everything. The most basic action requires much more widespread involvement than is apparent, and can have profound effects (sorry, getting all filosfikal again – I blame the lack of caffeine, or possibly alcohol).

  3. I've come to prefer doing planks rather than push-ups. I feel like I get more of a work out, not sure why.

  4. Push-ups are such great exercises, ERJ. I do them every morning, along with twists and sit-ups to get my morning started.

  5. Years ago, working in a large state correctional facility, I was amazed at the physiques that could be built by using body weight exercises in a small space. I addition to various forms of push ups, burpees were a go to exercise.
    At my age I find I am not able to build muscle with just body weight exercises but I do maintain muscle previously built over a lifetime in and out of gyms.


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