Sunday, October 16, 2022

Michigan's Proposal 3


The attached video was put out by Grace Lutheran Church in Coopersville, Michigan. Unfortunately, it is rather long with a five-minute run-time.

It is a series of several scenarios that become possible if Michigan's Proposal 3 passes. Proposal 3 is so expansively written as to cantilever "access to reproductive rights" into undefined dimensions.

There is an outside chance (maybe 3%) that the Michigan Supreme Court forced it onto the ballot so they can rule that it conflicts with other, senior language in the Michigan Constitution.

If you only have a minute, drag the slider to the 0:52 second mark and watch the second vignette.

I tip my fedora to the fine folks in Coopersville. They bring a very human face to the anguish that is confronting us.


  1. This is so evil that the person(s) who promulgated this shall be put into prison.

    Because this didn't come out the clear blue, that it is the current manifestation of like thoughts and behaviors which had preceded this, the well of evil is deep and should be investigated.

    I know, the ultimate conclusion of what I am saying would be that we all be so judged, for we all have sinned. I do know for I have been told, but why am I shocked by the ever deepening depravity.

    Praying to the LORD for repentence.

  2. Just wait until a man either:

    a) Demands that a woman carries the baby to full term or
    b) Demands that she terminate the pregnancy

    He is a person and has "reproductive rights" too in the child. But there again all laws are writtn bylawyers and there will be a lucrative ongoing amount of argument based on that wording which does not specify exactly who holds the "reproductive rights".

    Incidentally, I vehmently oppose abortion on demand "because".

    Phil B

  3. I shared this with my pastor and he has broadcast it to our church membership. Thank you!


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