Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Fine Art Tuesday


Paul Signac born in France in 1863. Died 1935.

Considered to be one of the pioneers in Pointillism along with Georges Seurat. The birth of the Pointillism school is often listed as 1886.

Interesting to me because Pointillism seems to anticipate issues of signal-to-noise, signal-per-bandwidth ratios and data-compression.

In a previous lifetime I used hand-held radios to communicate with other people in a noisy (+85 dBa) factory. Simple commands, repeated and then with the other person repeating back what they think they heard "drilled through" the noise.

Pointillism is the visual equivalent.


  1. THAT is very impressive reasoning. Two things happened to me very close together that hammered radio etiquette home: I spent quite a few hours in the back seat of a Piper Cherokee as my friend learned to fly, and I became a ham radio operator. Pointed communication, with a read back to ensure accuracy, and a deep desire to NOT be a c.b.-er on a licensed service. Now, you show me the same thing in art. Very cool...

  2. An observation that I find interesting: Western European culture is the only one in the world to have produced such a complex variety of intellectually sophisticated, technically refined art that can express cogent ideas.


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