Monday, October 31, 2022

When I was a kid...

When I was a kid we had to wait for Halloween before we got dirty razor-blades and needles from strangers. Now days, kids can pick up a dozen of them walking home from the bus stop.

And a question for the more worldly among my readers

If a fellow were breaking out a window with a hammer from outside of a house, how much of the glass falls outward?


  1. These are no "ordinary fellows", Joe.

  2. Not much if you are trying to be quiet. Some if you aren't. 5% and 20% maybe.... It's really kinda strange how glass acts. It's like a tight drum skin, there is some "recoil".

  3. Depends on the glass. It looks to me as if quite a bit of glass remains in the frame, not so? It's not ordinary glass then - and the debris on the patio shows very small bits. So it's at least tempered glass, designed to crumble. If it's reinforced security glass, I could see an outside making a hole with the hammer, and then inserting the hammer in, twisting it sideways, and then yanking it out as an effective way to enlarge the hole.

    But maybe the best way to answer would be for the police to tell the public a few of the facts they've uncovered during their investigation, since it's being exploited for political purposes just before a national election.

    1. Did you say investigation?
      Wait, what about release without bail?

  4. I'm in the UK so may be missing something, so have to ask is it a Republican or Democratic household? As from what I can tell the Democratics have a lot of turn arounds.

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