Monday, October 17, 2022

20-Something Women

Historically, the most dangerous and ruthless segment of society was the segment that was standing on the first rung of the social ladder. From the Irish in the 1870s to the Italians in the 1920 to the Hispanics in the 1960s.

Those who have not yet advanced to the first step have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Those who are two or more steps up the ladder will not lose everything if they lose status and slide down a step.

Only those who are on the first rung risk losing everything with a single misstep. They defend their precarious position with all of their might.

Twenty-something, college-educated, straight, white women

If you buy into the Woke world-view, the largest demographic standing on the first rung are twenty-something, college-educated, white women.

The only people they can look down on are Christians, white men, Asians and non-college-educated white women. Their peers are minority men and white, homosexual men.

They are very, very angry people. Incredibly, many act like ladies...and many do not.

Their anger is a self-perpetuating cycle. They disdain men and marinate them with constant passive-aggressive barbs. Then they complain that men do not ask them out. The men that are available after countless lather-rinse-repeat cycles are wan, tepid, spineless soy-shadows of their Grandfathers.

Another irony that is not lost on me that internal combustion engines and electric motors and semiconductors leveled the playing field between men and women. A woman operating the controls of a modern diesel farm tractor is just as capable as a man, even if she might be at a disadvantage if it requires repair.

And the 20-something, college-educated women are displaying their fealty to "Wokeness" by doing everything they can to destroy IC engines and the reliable generation of electricity.

God definitely has a delicious sense of humor.


  1. Yup, "wokeness" is intent on destroying what made women and minorities equal in the name of equality...

  2. I agree. I'm glad that I am not a young guy looking for a wife. There are very few out there that I would want. Now you have a 50% chance of getting divorced and 82% of the time it is the woman who files for the divorce. And a lot of guys I know that had it happen didn't even see it coming. When young guys ask me what I would do if I was their age I tell them to get a vasectomy immediately. And don't think that your 20 something daughter that you put through college isn't going to hate you too. ---ken

  3. >When young guys ask me what I would do... I'm not sure your answer is really what they are looking for. I tend to suggest they look at other countries, where the women folk are more compatible to long term marriage/commitment and raising families.

    1. Call me a cynic (you'd be right) but ...

      It isn't so much 'the women' as 'the system'. Yes, those women have been raised (indoctrinated) to make full use of it, but those foreign women act like they do 'at home' because the system there is different. As soon as they get here, and see the opportunities, they 'will' (and do) make use of it too.

      There are young women, even here, who still value family and commitment. The problem is they are (relatively) rare (think hens teeth), hard to find, and still subject (when they feel like it) to making full use of the misandrist system when it takes their fancy (are encouraged to, have a bad hair day, or just because).

      Basically, all the young men 'here' are screwed unless something drastic changes.

      The trouble is, short of a total collapse, I can't see it happening.

  4. My two adult daughters, not college educated work blue collar jobs, also have a hard time dating.
    Not only are available"men" pussified, they are narcissistic control freaks that insist they answer every text immediately and only want a mommy substitute.
    The ones that aren't put off by their independence and self sufficiency intend on a parasitic feeding off them.
    It's tough finding an alpha that isn't also narcissistic.

    1. The 80/20 rule (80% of women only date, sleep with or marry 20% of men) doesn't go far enough. 80% of women don't even notice 80% of men.

      I'll guarantee that if 'you' looked you'd find at least some 'man' in their orbit you'd see as a reasonable consideration. I'll also guarantee they will automatically dismiss him, even if they knew he existed.

      As I get older I grow to see the wisdom in the 'old ways' more and more. Arranged marriages amongst them surprisingly (or maybe not, considering my own track record for choosing a, thankfully now ex, spouse).

    2. There are great men, and great women, worth marrying out there, but you have to look far and wide - in particular, I'd start by ignoring everybody in any city over 50,000.
      I'd also ignore anyone who makes a big deal of having a degree or of how great their job is...
      I WOULD get established in a conservative rural community and attend a church where getting married and having kids is a priority.
      I didn't marry until 39; it took a LONG time to find the right woman and I didn't find her until I had stopped looking; she is the daughter of friends.

    3. We have a bulk food store near here owned by Mennonites where some of their young women work. If I was 50 years younger and single I'd be hanging around there and at their church, a lot. ---ken

  5. Hypergamy is a powerful instinct in young women!

  6. Defang economic power of woke women. How, you ask?
    Let the air out of the tire.....decriminalize prostitution.

    1. Go further, make it a one year national service for all unmarried females over twenty-one.


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