Wednesday, October 26, 2022



CDC Data

50th percentile Non-Hispanic White, male 20 and over, height: 176.7 cm

50th percentile Hispanic, male 20 and over, height: 170.3 cm

50th percentile Asian, male 20 and over, height: 170.4 cm

50th percentile , African-American, male 20 and over, height: 175.9 cm

Well, isn't that a fine kettle of fish. According to the CDC, which reports to Biden, Non-Hispanic White men are the tallest demographic and all of the Peoples-of-Color are shorter. Hispanics, whose US population is 50% larger than the African-American population are more than 2" shorter than Non-Hispanic Whites.

And of course, increasing leg room does nothing for most women. NOT charging extra for extra legroom disadvantages nearly all women.

Not every African-American is Shaquille O'Neal. Even so, the 95th percentile African-American only edges out the 95th percentile Non-Hispanic White male by a measly 0.4 cm or the thickness of two nickels.


  1. Did potato head actually say that?
    We should put him and that fetterpimp in a room together with 2 bowls of ice cream and one spoon.

  2. When he tells you to drink bleach you will know for sure.

  3. Pedo Joe couldn't give a rats ass about legroom on planes. He's just reading a script someone else wrote. Someone else in his retinue of handlers thinks this is an issue....not Biden.

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