Thursday, August 19, 2021

Le Mark Miley et Lloyd Austin Drapeau de la Honte

France's President, Emmanuel Marcon is the first (and only) world leader to call PPOTUS (Pretender President of the United States) Biden and congratulate him for the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

NSA transcripts reveal that he said "Maybe that S.O.B. at Mostly Cajun will lay off the French with regard to our military prowess."

In related news, the Paris Flower Show announced that it will award a special medal to the yearly winner of the White Iris category. The medal will be known as Le Mark Miley et Lloyd Austin Drapeau de la Honte


  1. I own something called a Ruby pistol, which was issued to French officers during the Great War. I'm told that it was never fired, and only dropped once.

  2. Don't try to disparage the seemingly feeble efforts of resident Oatmeal-brains. Like his mentor and more importantly still boss and head of the current regime, Barak Obama, his goal is the destruction of the United States, or what remains of it.
    As such, it was a tremendous success, and one that they are greatly proud of.


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