Saturday, August 7, 2021

Getting back into the swing of things

Yesterday was a recovery day.

I don't know how folks like Old NFO fly to Australia and can still be functional on the other end. Mrs ERJ and I took a break every two hours for a short walk-around and we still needed recovery time on each end of our journey.

Yesterday's recovery included a slow, two mile run. How slow? 12:40 per mile.

Then as I was walking up the drive I got a call from a friend who wanted to know if I was available to help drag 10' fence posts out of the woods.

"When?" I asked.

"Now" he replied. He was going to "the farm" later that afternoon.

So after the run I got in some weight lifting.

Today started with a little bit of shopping and I planted the second flight of Chinese Cabbage in the garden. I have some critter, probably rabbits, chewing on the first flight. I need to deal with that problem. The good news is that I have a bunch of kale I can thin out of the rows and replace the cabbage plants that were totally eaten to the ground.

For entertainment purposes only...

I also mixed the dog's heartworm medicine for the next year. Out of habit, I compound it for one ml for every 20 pounds (or 10 kg) of dog. This dilution rate is convenient for dosing animals from 20 pounds (1 ml for Boston Terriers and Beagles) to German Shepherds (5ml). Ivermectin has a very wide therapeutic range (except for collies and herding dogs) and rounding is permissible.

This heartworm medicine is administered once a month.

A dosing rate of 0.003mg per pound is 0.06mg/20 pounds.

Since I was using a 375ml bottle of 40% ethanol as the solvent, the total amount of ivermectin required was 375*0.06mg which equaled 22.5 mg of ivermectin for the flask.

I was using a paste compounded for worming horses and it was approximately 1.9% or 19mg/milliliter of paste. 22.5mg/19mg/ml = 1.2ml of paste.

End entertainment purposes only...

This afternoon will be taken up with pushing a mower around the yard.


  1. Glad youse guys made it back safely. I don't know how you stood being with those people. You are much more tolerant than I. And you know they would not have been that tolerant of you had the situation been reversed. ---ken

    1. Well, the two I went to see have bigger fish to fry. This trip was not about me.

  2. Years of practice, and the ability to get by on little/no sleep for a couple of days... LOL Good practice on the dogs! Cheaper and you know exactly what they are getting!

  3. I must try that heartworm med recipe. Heartgard for my 130-lb Anatolian is a big expense.


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