Wednesday, August 4, 2021


You can only imagine my disappointment.

Jerry's sister finally condescended to take me to a local Kinkos outlet.

I looked everywhere but was unable to find so much as a single ostrich feather.

Rubber chickens, whips, chains, manacles and cattle prods were also impossible to find.

Undoubtedly due to a combination of supply-chain issues from China and extreme demand by those East Coast elites.

Let the buyer beware: Kinkos does not live up to its name regardless of what Kamala Harris implies.


  1. Your mistake was going to Kinkos. You should have been looking for Kinky's.

  2. The difference between being sexy and being kinky:
    Sexy you use a feather with your partner. Kinky you use the whole chicken...
    I'll be here 'till next Thursday, be sure to tip your host and hostess before you leave.
    Wandering Neurons

  3. You CAN, however, take home a souvenir photostatic image of your *or someone's* ass if you dare to.

  4. Dogsledder: AND, if the glass does not break, impaling "someone's" ass with multiple shards of glass.
    And, simply to make the clinician's life easier, glass does *NOT* cast an x ray shadow.


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